New Martial Art: Full-Contact Wellness Care [GURPS 4e]

Full-Contact Wellness Care (17pt)

This is absolutely, explicitly, and without a doubt a cinematic style. Full-Contact Wellness Care was invented by an eccentric martial arts master who also happened to be a physician: it takes pressure point and chi flow theories to their logical conclusion by seeking to manipulate a patient’s health via the use of precise applications of kinetic energy. The style is a jumbled mishmash of various esoteric and mundane theories on physiology, but you can use it to kick kidney stones out of a patient’s body without lasting harm and/or permanent pain, so who cares?

Note that all legitimate practitioners of Full-Contact Wellness Care swear to follow the Hippocratic Oath. In the original Greek.  Illegitimate practitioners typically buy a few points in Poison and don’t bother holding back on their attacks.

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