Enemy of my enemy watch: Hillbuzz has a plan.

And you can believe their intentions as much – or as little – as you like; speaking as an incorrigible giver of advice that I know darn well to be ignored, their cheerful “forget all of this when we get a Democrat that we like running for office” attitude is an argument in favor of it being honestly meant advice. The short version? Don’t go after the current Democratic President the way that the last Democratic President was gone after.

Yeah, some of you don’t want to hear that; personally, I’m more interested in the 2010 election than I am the 2012 one anyway. I figure that the White House can find it just as easy to try to claim credit for everything that a GOP-dominated Congress does and call it a domestic policy as he currently does now for a Democratic-dominated one.  Besides, there’s a need for local support in elections.  There’s always a need for local support in elections.  There’s always going to be a need for local support in elections.

H/T A Conservative Lesbian, whose major problem with the advice is that it implies keeping Michael Steele as RNC Chair.

Moe Lane

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