Full Frontal Nerdity got a Hugo nomination?

So it did, so it did.  Not to get involved in the brouhaha – I was largely staying out of it in the Time Before, and have no urge to wade into it now – but Full Frontal Nerdity (Best Graphic Story nominee) is an extremely good – consistently, too – webcomic. Naomi Novik’s Uprooted (Best Novel nominee) was brilliant: I even bought a digital copy for my sister-in-law. Lois McMaster Bujold’s Penric’s Demon (Best Novella nominee)… :flat stare: what part of ‘Lois McMaster Bujold’ was unclear? Toni Weisskopf should get two Hugos, with the second one having an apology engraved on it*. And I think that Andy Weir is unquestionably eligible for the John Campbell award. Campbell would have reincarnated himself for the chance to publish The Martian, if only such a thing were permissible. Continue reading Full Frontal Nerdity got a Hugo nomination?

Congratulations to Foglio Studios on their Hugo!

Despite their ultimately-sincere protestations to the contrary, it’s a well-deserved award: Girl Genius is one of those indispensable webcomics, and doubly indispensable for those of a steampunk or neo-Victorian inclination.  My (few) interactions with Studio Foglio have always been very amiable, as well.  In fact, my only regret on this is that Girl Genius winning meant that Schlock Mercenary did not, and I’d be writing a broadly similar post if Howard Tayler had won and Kaja & Phil Foglio had not.

Again, congratulations.

Moe Lane

PS: Now GO FINISH GURPS GIRL GENIUS, DAMMIT.  We wants it, we does.