#rsrh Is YouTube participating in a coverup? …wonders Senator Jim Inhofe.

Background here: essentially, Inhofe’s staff put up a very embarrassing video of an EPA employee gloating about ‘crucifying’ (i.e., making examples of) random individuals and companies in order to encourage fear and compliance among the rest of the populace.  The video has since been removed, and the Senator would like to know why:

[Inhofe spokesman Matt] Dempsey wrote that “we will be looking into an official response for YouTube to the claim brought forward by David McFatridge of ‘Citizen Media for We The People,’ in the morning.”

“In short, the video we cut and posted to our YouTube channel came from a YouTube channel, ‘Citizen Media for We The People,’ that said reuse is allowed and we attributed the site in the description of the video,” Dempsey added. “Further in our original website post for our media advisory, we also included a link to the original source. …. Finally, it appears as of late yesterday afternoon that Citizen Media for We The People took down all of the video content relating to Armendariz’s hourlong comments.”



Senator Inhofe’s video response to DoD budget cuts.

On-scene in Afghanistan.

Senator Jim Inhofe (R, OK) had some harsh words about proposed DoD cuts:

The text version of these comments may be found here. (more…)

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