The Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind DLC trailer.

I have absolutely no goram idea what is going on here in this Kingdom Hearts III DLC (‘ReMind’), but my eldest kid’s probably gonna freak.

I was a little surprised at my complete lack of understanding, actually. Certainly I’ve seen enough of the gameplay. But the context eludes me; and the tone seems rather overly dramatic for what appeared to be a fairly silly and family-friendly videogame. Not that I’m objecting (and not that they’d care if I did). I’m just bemused, that’s all.


Tweet of the Day, Kingdom Hearts 3 Seems Even More Surreal In Japanese edition.

I’ve never played Kingdom Hearts, because I’m a PC gamer and this series is usually just on Playstations.  But Kingdom Hearts 3 is pretty surreal-looking. And fun!  It doesn’t look fun enough for me to shell out four hundred bucks for a gaming platform that I won’t use, but it looks like fun.

Out on December 27th.

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