QotD, Sing It, Brother Cullen edition.

Kevin Cullen, of the Boston Globe:

I don’t want to listen to how innocent people bear some responsibility for creating the twisted minds of the Tsarnaev brothers.

Let us first bury our dead, heal our wounded, tend to our damaged first responders. Then maybe I’ll listen to that “what did we do to make them hate us” claptrap. Then maybe I’ll go to some soul-searching debate about how our foreign policy is creating too many enemies and too few allies.

But then, maybe I won’t.

Works for me. While I appreciate Alfred Pennyworth’s ability to turn a phrase, I didn’t need him to tell me that some people just want to watch the world burn.

Via The Washington Free Beacon.

The question immigration hard-liners should be asking in the near future.

And I’m gonna give them this one for free, largely because I’m quite keen to hear the answer myself:  Why is it that we have a legal immigration system that favors Chechen terrorists over Mexican dishwashers?

That’s it.  But it’s a doozy of a question, no?

Moe Lane

PS: If Buzzfeed is correct – big if – then the bombers were registered to vote in Massachusetts.  But, hey, there’s no voter fraud in this country.

Obama-supporter Mike Bloomberg continues to force the NYC Marathon to run.

This is a thing that is happening.

It should not be happening.

Moe Lane

PS: If you run in this year’s NY Marathon then shame on you.

Mayor Bloomberg to hold marathon, despite pleas from Staten Island.

This is… foul. And more than a bit tawdry.

Desperately needed food, water and generators were being rushed Thursday to Sandy-ravaged Staten Island while local leaders blasted the city’s “idiotic” plan to stage the New York City Marathon in the midst of the crisis.

Staten Island Councilman James Oddo urged Mayor Bloomberg to reconsider, especially while rescue efforts are still underway on the hard-hit South Shore.

“The notion of diverting even one police officer, one first responder, one asset away from this carnage is beyond irrational,” the Republican lawmaker told The Daily News.

“The mayor said to me, ‘We’re not going to diminish what is happening on Staten Island.’ You know what happens on marathons – you put a cop on every corner. How are we going to have enough resources?”

The answer, of course: they won’t. Because Staten Islanders are not as important as NYC Marathoners, apparently.

And I am going to stop typing now.

Moe Lane