Michael B. Jordan signed to 2-film John Clark movie series.

They’re going to adapt Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse and Rainbow Six.  Michael B. Jordan will be playing the title character John Clark, and yes: I know that Clark was Irish and Jordan is African-American.  Jordan was also Killmonger in Black Panther, and so ridiculously good in that role that I wish that they had kept the character alive.  Also, the main plot of Without Remorse involved Clark going through Baltimore killing pimps and drug dealers in sometimes alarming ways; so I suspect that if you want them to otherwise stay faithful to the book, well… :shrug:

But, seriously: Michael B. Jordan can do John Clark properly.  I look forward to seeing the flicks.  Assuming that they don’t end up sucking, of course.

Via GeekTyrant.


Turns out Michael B. Jordan (Killmonger) is a big ol’ Marvel nerd.

It’s pretty blatantly obvious from his answer here as to who would win in a fight: Black Panther, or Wolverine?  Not only does he have the right answer, he gave the right reason for it, too.  Which is to say: I agree with Michael B. Jordan on it, so clearly he knows his stuff.

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