Infinity Thumbnail: Mod (Quantum 3) [GURPS 4e]

Mod (Quantum 3)

This timeline has yet to be discovered by Homeline: it’s a combination of a shifted echo and the site of one of Centrum’s greatest parachronic disasters.  Centrum’s been searching for Reality Mod for some time, in fact; it has a quite romantic status among Interworld operatives. The Lost Timeline! An entire Intervention mission, exiled forever from their civilization!  But they’re probably all dead, of course. This all happened decades ago, after all.

But the Intervention mission team is still alive — well, except from the people who died for various reasons, of course.  The survivors and their children are still there, though; and still making Reality Mod safe for Centrum. As the mission team itself defines ‘safe.’  Or, for that matter, ‘Centrum.’ There’s been some cultural drift.


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