(Alleged) Occupy Wall Street activist arrested in ANOTHER (alleged) bomb plot.

Please note: “another.”

To the best of my knowledge, accused bombmaker Aaron Greene is not linked in any formal way to last year’s plot by Occupy Wall Street activists to bomb a Columbus, Ohio bridge.  Then again, it’s not entirely clear what Greene was (allegedly) planning to bomb: when the cops arrested him and his bourgeois moll Morgan Gliedman they had just gotten to the stage of putting an actual bomb-making shop together*.  A charming little substance called HMTD was found on-scene**; for those without access to Wikipedia, it’s the triggering explosive of choice for suicide and car bombers worldwide.  And, naturally, Greene and Gliedman are both children of privilege.  One would wonder if Mummy and Daddy hugged them enough… but then, most people who don’t get hugged enough still somehow manage to avoid making bombs in response, so perhaps the answer isn’t really all that interesting after all.

Not much else to note, except for this rather unfortunately surnamed lawyer’s quote from the Huffington Post:

“The whole situation’s sad,” said attorney Lisa Pelosi, who represented Greene. She declined further comment.


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