The Switch Lite is coming in September, and you’ll be sorry if you buy it.

Via C-Net, this sounds, well, awful.

When reports emerged of a lower-cost Nintendo Switch that wouldn’t have detachable Joy-Con controllers and couldn’t plug into a TV, my son had one question. What’s the point of a Switch that doesn’t Switch? Good question. But that’s exactly what Nintendo is releasing on Sept. 20. The Nintendo Switch Lite is handheld-only and costs $200. (UK and Australian pricing is yet to be announced, but that converts to £160 or AU$290.) That’s $100 less than the original Switch and also shrinks the previous model down a bit, with a 5.5-inch, 720-pixel screen. But it also ditches TV connectivity via USB-C, and no longer has detachable rumbling controllers.



Ah, Nintendo.

Circa 1988. Before you laugh, contemplate what the people in 2030 are going to be laughing about when it comes to our it-seemed-a-hip-idea-at-the-time enthusiasms. Although I hope to God that the hairstyles don’t age as badly:

(Via David Thompson) I never had a Nintendo, by the way. This no doubt scarred me for life; and explains why the Wii has such an unholy fascination for me…

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