Why I no longer support full disclosure of political donations.

It’s because of things like this:

On the Friday, April 18, All In show, during a discussion of the firing of former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich for simply donating to a political campaign opposing same-sex marriage, guest Richard Kim of the far left The Nation magazine intoned that he found it “disturbing” that gay activist friends of his have expressed interest in “targeting” more people who have made similar donations, and who have declared they should “find out where they live.”

Speaking as a same-sex marriage supporter: I find it ‘disturbing,’ too.  Except that in my case when I say ‘disturbing’ I mean ‘deadly dangerous to the Republic.’ It was bad enough when Proposition 8 opponents (I make no secret that I would have voted against it), having lost a legal referendum, decided to ignore the state legislative process and successfully managed to get a state constitutional amendment declared unconstitutional. But this is even worse. This is the road that you go down when you eventually hope to set up proscription lists*. (more…)

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