Samuel L Jackson gets the Mother Of All Face Lifts for Captain Marvel.

Nah, that’s not gonna look freaky at all: “Kevin Feige has confirmed to Slash Film that moviegoers will see Samuel L. Jackson de-aged for the entire runtime of [Captain Marvel].” As Coming Soon notes there, Disney/Marvel has been playing with this tech for a while now in the MCU: Ant-Man, Civil War, apparently Ant-Man and the Wasp (the crud going around Chez Lane has completely screwed up my plans to see the movie), and now Captain Marvel.  Oh, and they did something similar with Rogue One*. (more…)


Samuel L Jackson gearing up to die in the Blob remake.

Yup.  They’re remaking the Blob.  I assume that Samuel L. Jackson will die in it, because he actually dies in a lot of his films.  Presumably this is all right with him; of course, having a net worth in the hundred of millions probably cushions that particular blow something fierce. It certainly would for me.

If you’re wondering why I’m not particularly exercised by this, well…

Sure.  Let’s light this candle. We have as much right to make cheesy movies as did our grandparents.


Samuel L Jackson does Google Wave, and I need an invite.

Well, not exactly, but it uses Pulp Fiction to make the point.

Now I just have to figure out how to score an invite.

Moe Lane

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