So right now Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign hinges on whether there are pictures.

Oh, dear.

Former President Bill Clinton took a romantic jaunt in 2002 to convicted pedophile pal Jeffrey Epstein’s “orgy island” with “two young girls” from New York, according to a shocking new interview.

Virginia Roberts, who’s accused Epstein of turning her into a “sex slave” at age 17 and forcing her to sleep with his powerful friends, claimed Clinton stayed in one of the many villas on Epstein’s US Virgin Islands estate — where group sex was a “regular occurrence.”



NC Democratic party Executive Director Jay Parmley resigns, blames right-wing bloggers…

…alas, I don’t really get a seat at this table. 

To refresh people’s memories: allegations came out last week that NC Democratic party Executive Director Jay Parmley had sexually harassed a male staffer (the Daily Caller noted yesterday that local reports are saying that said staffer was also allegedly fired after making a complaint; if that’s true, then there’s a bigggggggggg problem going on in North Carolina right now for the Democratic party*).  Anyway, Parmley has decided to leave his job – and is he bitter about it?  Well, perhaps a little:

In his resignation letter, Parmley denied the sexual harassment allegations and blamed TheDC for tying the alleged incident to him.

“As you know last Friday, Tucker Carlson’s right-wing blog Daily Caller and Art Pope’s Civitas Institute began spreading a false and misleading story about a supposed incident of harassment at the NCDP,” Parmley wrote.

Hey, I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know the answer: does a declarative sentence like that itself violate non-disclosure agreements? (more…)

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