Dagnabbit, they had a tank at one of the SCA’s Gulf Wars.

But now I can’t find the video.  Gulf Wars is a SCA war that takes place down in Mississippi in the month of March (when it’s considerably warmer than other places in the USA); the tank was a Da Vinci model.  They’d never let it on the Pennsic battlefield (August, Pennsylvania), but Gulf Wars is rather more easygoing about neat stuff.  It was an amusing image, too: as far as I could tell, they moved the tank by pushing it and the dude ‘driving’ it walked in the middle with his helmet visible so that a pike could maybe get at it.  I have no idea how the marshals were ruling attacks by the guy, or even if he was allowed to make attacks on his own.  Doesn’t matter though; it’d be enough to be able to say No sh*t, there I was, driving a tank in the field battle.

Anyway, amusing image.  Guess you had to have been there.  Or seen it yourself.

Moe Lane

PS: Hey, Leonardo Da Vinci was Fifteenth Century AD.  That makes it period, hey?  With room to spare.  At least in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann.