Doing my last baronial newsletter…

…I’ll be looking over the next one, and I’ll be deputy chronicler for a while until my replacement is cool with the gig, but this is the last one I do. I’ll miss it, which is a sign that I’m handing it over at the right time. If I couldn’t wait to hand it off, I’d be burned out and probably should have done the handover a year ago.

Also, this way I can concentrate on my true destiny: being field coordinator for baronial events. Which basically means I get to draw maps and assign people to spots in them. Given the number of gamer geeks in the SCA, I’m surprised that this isn’t a job people fight to do.

Tonight is Baronial Newsletter Night…

…and hasn’t this one been fun to assemble. We had a busy month last month, what with a new Seneschal, polling on whether to give the current baronage another term*, and of course the event I ran. Stuffing it all into a PDF has been an adventure.

I’m going to miss this job when it’s done (and I’m not bad at it, even if I do say so myself), but I’ve been doing it for over five years. I probably would’ve cycled out of it, if it weren’t for the pandemic. I can find other things to do around the barony, I’m sure.

Moe Lane

*This is a standard thing, not a reflection on them. They do a great job; nobody’s expecting any kind of upset here.

I was inducted in the Order of the Opal at Storvik Novice Tourney*!

It’s a Kingdom-level service award, for those unfamiliar with the SCA; I was given it for my field coordination work, although the King of Atlantia was kind enough to mention the Blackfox I got while Chronicler for Storvik. It was a nice highlight of the day.

The scroll was done by Mestra Esperanza Susanna Flecha, and I love it.

*Which I was autocratting. It was, shall we say, a busy weekend. Fun, though.

Monthly SCA meeting!

Had to prep for it, too. List of things that needed be gone over, paperwork to resolve, discussions on storage and staffing for the event I’m running – I like to pretend sometimes that I miss the old days, when we just did events. I don’t really, though. In the old days, none of us had any money and events were always one step away from a total disaster. Why, for the longest time we didn’t even really have spreadsheets. I’m trying to imagine running anything without spreadsheets, and failing.

Anyway: busy night.

Baronial meeting tonight!

Some pleasant things were said about my time as Chronicler (I am stepping down in a few months). It was very gratifying. We also had to go over quite a bit with regard to the event I’m running, both before and during the meeting, so my schedule is off today. Such is life.

Tonight was Newsletter Night!

A little delayed because I had to do some training on the newsletter for my eventual replacement. Yup, I’m going to be finishing up being Chronicler for my SCA Barony soon. It’s been, what, at least five years now?

:click click:

Yup, over five years. Time flies when you’re having fun, or in the middle of a pandemic.

Moe Lane

PS: After flipping through a few… I actually didn’t do too bad a job on these. Even won an award for one special Pennsic issue. I’ll miss doing them, but I’ll burn out if I don’t take a break. We have seen it happen before.

Sorry, today was Newsletter Day.

Every month I have to do the newsletter for my SCA Barony. I generally can get it put together easily enough, but there’s always last-minute stuff to handle. That eats up time, especially since I also have to email things and update the website and so forth. I’m gonna miss/not miss doing it when I train up my replacement this year, but it’s time to hand off the job; I’ve been doing it since before the pandemic, which is a while for a baronial office. It’ll be nice to take a little time off before I go find something else to do in the SCA.