Location seed: The Lake Niangua Extrusion.

The Lake Niangua Extrusion – Google Docs

The Lake Niangua Extrusion


Lake Niangua is an extremely shallow lake in Camden county, Missouri. Ostensibly. Well, yes, it really is a shallow lake.  You can fish there, and everything.  Just don’t do a chromosomal analysis of the fish, because their DNA is left-handed.


And it’s not just the fish; the entire ecosystem of that lake is left-handed — or, to (mis)use the technical terms: the ecosystem there displays mostly Z-DNA helical structures instead of Earth’s more usual B-DNA structures.  Which seems to make the fish look weird and taste a little funny, but that’s about it.  But what makes the situation very strange is that the effect is absolutely limited to that one lake; flora and fauna taken from it (or introduced to it) prove remarkably difficult to transplant.


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