I propose calling the Trillion Dollar Coin a ‘Gresham.’

Mostly because calling it a ‘friedman’ is just a bit too obscure to be proper black humor; calling it a ‘keynes’ actually maligns a guy who would be freaking out over what Obama’s done to his economic policy*; and calling it a ‘fiat’ will cause people to confuse it with the car**.

Anyway, basic details here (H/T Jim Geraghty): if you’re not familiar with what’s going on, essentially there’s a movement among the innumerate wing of the left-pundit class to have the President ‘pay’ for the debt ceiling by having the Treasury mint a platinum coin or coins (that last bit is usually carefully not emphasized) of one trillion dollars apiece.  The government deposits the coins, they use the money to pay their bills… Continue reading I propose calling the Trillion Dollar Coin a ‘Gresham.’

What a trillion dollars looks like.

PageTutor walks you through the process, starting with a hundred dollar bill, moving up to bundles, piles, pallets, and finally the actual trillion itself. It’s best experienced in full on the site in question; like Arhur Dent, you sort of have to work your way up from the loss of McDonald’s to the earth being vaporized to make way for a hyperspace bypass.

Via American Elephant.