Soooo… before I step into the SJG forum’s OGRE threads…

…real quick, for people more experienced in minis: what should NOT be discussed?  What are the agree-to-disagree-or-fear-our-wrath topics?B  ecause you know that guy, who starts a three-day flamewar via an innocent question? Yeah, I don’t want to be that guy.


What?  It’s different when it’s not politics.  I’m not a monster.

Moe Lane

Trolls screaming at you means that you’re doing it right.

Via Instapundit comes this set of advice on how to deal with Internet criticism. Personally, I’m a firm believer in mocking and attempting to monetize the trolls; that episode with whatshername, the Wisconsin bigot author, was pretty fun. Particularly since the fairly laughable attempt to ‘go viral’ on me in retribution is just going to be great raw grist for my panel appearance next month at BlogCon ’11.

Yes, there’s somebody out there RIGHT NOW that’s fuming about me cheekily pointing that out. They should just be grateful that it’s hard for me to put up a PayPal link when I’m using my iPad 2. Which I got via egging on the trolls, as the rest of you may remember.

Moe Lane

PS: Speaking of BlogCon ’11 and iPads: I think that I may actually be able to use the latter for recording interviews during the former! This will be very cool, if I can manage it: I’ve wanted to actually use this thing as a tool and not a toy since I got it.

No, Tycho, they never get any better…

…and most of the people that are making you aghast are probably legally able to vote. Frankly, if YouTube, gaming, and/or online newspaper comment threads didn’t exist naturally we’d in the political ‘sphere would have to subsidize them… because I remember what life was like before the really messed-up people had those places to go.

It wasn’t pretty.

Moe Lane

PS: I can’t really have a public opinion on the entire trachea thing.

PPS: Child’s Play rocks.

PPPS: Gratuitous Penny Arcade link.