Million Dollar Burris in debt to Blagojevich supporter.

Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in!

It’s actually more like 1.57 million, but “Million Dollar Burris” scans better:

In his 2002 attempt to win the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, Burris depended heavily upon Joseph Stroud, an Illinois political heavyweight contributor, thanks to his ownership of Jovon Broadcasting and Telephone U.S.A. In the 2002 race, Stroud provided Burris with the following loans and contributions:

* Jovon Broadcasting individual contribution to Burris: $200,000
* Jovon Broadcasting in-kind contributions to Burris: $179,895
* Telephone U.S.A. (and USA) loans to Burris: $1,200,000

Burris repaid $6,000 of the Telephone U.S.A. loans in November 2003, but no other payments appear in the records. This puts the total support from Stroud to Burris at $1,573,895.

Via Hot Air, and I have to ask: did Senate Democrats do any vetting of Blagojevich nominee Roland Burris? At all? Because the GOP did – and we were asking about this last week. So why exactly are you guys caving on this, again?

This has been the most gloriously mismanaged Senate confirmation in American history. Of course, that’s mostly because it’s been the Democrats who’ve been handling both sides of the controversy.

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