Elections have consequences: Megan McArdle edition.

How’s that Libertarians for Obama thing working out for people?  I’ve already seen how it worked out for all those poor Republicans for Obama…

Before we go any further, let me just note that my sympathies for the people in the video below is currently somewhere between “nil” and “whatever.” This is a blue-on-blue fight, as far as I’m concerned: Wall Street actually has a habit of going against its class interests by funding and supporting Democrats, and God knows that they had their hand in the current banking crisis, so I can root for injuries with a light heart and a clear conscience.

But Megan’s right: Maxine Waters is nuts.

But then I have to say, And?

You see, when I read things like:

I sat here in front of my television and laughed at Maxine Waters, because her apparently random ramblings are a true spectacle. One laughs because one can’t cry. But this woman is sitting on the House Financial Services Committee. She is supposed to help craft the bills that govern our financial system. And she clearly doesn’t have the first shred of an inkling of a clue of how said financial system works. Her questions had the air of someone who couldn’t quite wrap her mind around the complexities of the E-Z Reader consumer activist pamphlets from which she had presumably cribbed them.

…I’m not laughing because the alternative is to cry: I’m laughing because it’s funny to see somebody as smart as Megan – and she’s probably smarter than I am – so honestly surprised at what is such an elementary political consequence to an election. Of course Maxine Waters is going to act like a crazy aunt towards the banking community on national television. That’s what she does. She’s a Democrat from a seat so safe that she doesn’t have to maintain more than the most casual link to Reality Non-Unicorn. And it matters because she’s a member in good standing of the political party that – thanks in part to people like Megan, in fact – now runs two branches of the federal government. So all of this is not what we’d call really unexpected. Annoying and detrimental to the long term prosperity of the country, but not unexpected.

Hey, don’t blame me: I voted for the other guys. All the way down the line. Because, again, I knew back in November that elections have consequences.

Moe Lane

PS: You know what else is inevitable? Being called a racist by a liberal when he or she thinks that he or she can get away with it. As will happen to Megan for her slam of Waters, and never mind her past support of Obama.

And, I suppose, as will happen to me, too, if enough people notice. Doubtful, more’s the pity.

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