‘…but I’ve only been in country four months and already I hate liberals.’

OK, I’m going to break my rule just this once and give traffic to a pro-torture site (in this case, HuffPo) because it’s not every day that you get to see the shell of a Marxist develop its first crack from a blow of the Hammer of Objective Reality. Meet SD Liddick, and doesn’t he sing pretty?

I’m phobically allergic to the conservative Republican types the military is rife with, but I’ve only been in country four months and already I hate liberals. There’s plenty of ugliness to report in Iraq (as there are thousands of stories of hope and headway)–and the U.S. military certainly isn’t beyond reproach. Nobody’s telling you to report on one side or the other. But manipulating the truth because of your own personal biases is wretched and works in the face of progress. The other end of the political spectrum disregards you, Dahr, and now I know why. I thought it was because you’re a liar–but you aren’t. You don’t have enough backbone to be a liar. You’re a craven obfuscationist, intent on promoting your agenda at the cost of a menagerie of much braver men and women.

The piece is called “Open Letter to a Craven Reporter in Iraq” (H/T Jules Crittenden and Maggie’s Farm), and it lives up to the title. I give this guy about eight years before he’s naming his next kid “Ronald” or “Maggie” (or possibly “George” or “Sarah”): I’m familiar with this sort of trajectory, albeit not quite as dramatically. At any rate, read it, and have a nostalgic little chuckle.

Moe Lane

PS: You know what you need to read, SD Liddick? War and Decision. Yes, it was written by a minor demon figure from your religion. Read it anyway.
PPS: You know what you need to watch? Team America: World Police. Yes, it was made by the Apostates. Watch it anyway.

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