Gov. Rendell (D): ‘skeptical’ about the stimulus.

Gov. Rendell (D): Would like to run for Senator in 2010.

So no harm in hedging his bets, right? Via PA Watercooler:

Gov. Rendell skeptical about stimulus potential

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D) backed the $787 billion stimulus but said Saturday that he isn’t sure whether it will actually fix the economy.

Rendell, at the National Governors Association meeting in Washington, said Saturday that all governors are committed to making sure that the stimulus is used for measures that can boost their states out of the recession. But he said that most governors will be watching to see what kind of effect it has on the economy.

PA Watercooler also has a link to this Rasmussen poll, which indicates that the bad karma that Sen. Specter incurred from voting for a debt bill that he didn’t read first isn’t going to take its time in showing up. It’s interesting, really: if the economy is still in the cellar in 2010, it’s may be hard out there for a Democrat… except in the PA Senate race, which will be the only one where the Republican would be the one having to explain away voting for the blessed thing.

Yeah. You’re weeping over this, too.

Moe Lane

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