Start the Geithner Resignation Pool!

“The president has complete confidence” in Geithner, Gibbs told reporters.

Via Allahpundit. I’m taking Thursday, March 19th, 11 AM, for the notification that the SecTreas needs to spend more time with his family; this was a bit of a tough call for me, but by now the joke that administrations always pick Friday afternoons for bad news like this is just too well known. Besides, they’re going to want the Dow to rally for the weekend (it’s bad news politically, not economically).

By the way: that offer I made regarding finding a Commerce Secretary for Obama? I’d be happy to pick a Treasury Secretary, too… only, I won’t promise a liberal Democrat for this one. Nothing personal, but I think that we kind of need somebody who can project assurance, calmness, and competence.

A Republican, in other words.

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