*Can* you give away a fully loaded iPod?

Why is this a hard question?

(Via Hot Air Headlines) A very interesting discussion here and here about whether President Obama’s gift of an iPod with preloaded MP3s to the Queen of England is, in point of fact, legal under current copyright law. Short version: yes, but only because of diplomatic immunity on the one hand and sovereign immunity on the other.  If we were talking about two private individuals… nobody apparently bloody knows, one way or the other.

On a personal note, I am forced to admit: I am waiting with some cruel joy to hearing an increasingly querulous tone come into the EFF‘s discussions of this particular administration. I shouldn’t: the EFF is one of the few critics of the last administration that I actually retain a basic respect for. But that’s going to be counterbalanced by the vicarious pleasure of watching them wake up from their unicorn dream.

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