I see that the libertarians are starting to notice HR 875.

I hadn’t heard of the animal tagging angle.

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Anyway, for those coming in late… yeah, they’re planning to gut the organic food industry, not least of which is because of (of all things) raw milk. Personally, I’m not particularly concerned about either Monsanto or GMO foods – but as I noted last month, it’s no skin off of my nose if somebody wants to pay through his for an organic tomato; and keeping the Democrats from regulating yet another industry out of usefulness is always a mitzvah.

Moe Lane

PS: You can also link DeLauro to the White House via Rahm Emanuel quite easily.
You’re welcome.

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2 thoughts on “I see that the libertarians are starting to notice HR 875.”

  1. OK, this one has me laughing. I know it has been at least a year maybe longer since I brought this subject up on the draftfredthompson forum. What isn’t funny is the State of Kentucky adding dairy goats as one of the programs tobacco farmers could invest in to diversify then after getting the goats you find out giving a glass of raw milk away can get you a $10,000.00 fine and 2 years in jail. It is no laughing matter for those of us dumping the milk with no way to sell it unless we put in a full Grade A dairy parlor and milk processing plant. Trying to get changes made through the legislature and waiting years hoping and praying for a solution…has a large number of dairy goat farmers supporting Ron Paul. It didn’t push me that far over the edge but the issue was the first issue that sent me to the internet gathering people together in an effort to fight the issue in Kentucky.

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