An update on the San Francisco Shoeshine Man.

I suppose that I should be happy about the update to Larry Moore’s situation – after all, they’re letting the man work – but, frankly, I’m still missing how life is improved by requiring Mr. Moore to shell out five hundred dollars for the privilege of being allowed to rejoin Western civilization. I think that we should be curing the disease, not the symptom – and while it’s nice that they’re being accommodating about the paperwork, I’d rather that they gave some serious thought to why they have the paperwork in the first place.

I’d also like to note that if Mr. Moore was less pleasant he’d probably be still stuck in this mess. Not to be bone-crushingly naive about the way things work, but just because that does make a difference doesn’t mean that it should, or that it’s right that it does.

Alerted to this from the guy over at Technomancy for Fun and Profit.

Moe Lane

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