See, this is why I avoided Blogger.

It’s come out (via Cynthia Yockey – sorry, Cynthia) that Just a Girl in short shorts talking about whatever got effectively shut down by Google. Again. Details here and here. Like Cynthia, I recognize that the obvious advice – don’t rely on Google for anything about your website that you don’t mind losing if the company decides to turn on you – is unwelcome because it’s so unfair, but life isn’t fair, or even unfair in our favor often enough.

As for videos, though: Heritage New Media Partners offers a free hosting service.  Keep that in mind if YouTube decides to play “Oops, we lost your campaign video” games again next year.

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3 thoughts on “See, this is why I avoided Blogger.”

  1. Moe,

    Thanks for picking up on Becky’s story and putting it before the larger readership you have built here and at RedState. She has a point of view that is always worth hearing. I hope she will feel encouraged by the number of friendly hands reaching out to her.

    Also — it took me a moment to figure out why you italicized my last name, then I realized, you remembered and fixed the typo! I really appreciate your kindness.


  2. Wow, tried to click through and got blocked by the work system saying I was trying to surf into pornography. Had to go through on my phone, and found stuff less objectionable than what I see on Ace on a good day.

    The thought police have truly arrived.

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