ActiCons is having a pledge drive.

Its owner, our own Caleb Howe (who some of you can thank for having such a good time at the RS Gathering, among quite a few other things) raises a good point; we’re on our own when it comes to funding conservative investigative blogging. Heck of a thing, but there it is – and while it may make us lean and mean, it mostly makes us lean.

So give him a hand. Particularly if you’re an conservative billionaire looking to give the current party running Congress the shakes, shivers, and galloping staggers.

Moe Lane

PS: Me? Go buy something on Amazon. It’s my only revenue stream these days.

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[UPDATE] : Caleb has emailed me to argue that I should be doing the same for my site, as well.  Do I need it?  Well…  probably, yes. The ‘new’ laptop’s refurbished and apparently doesn’t like most flavors of wi-fi; the videocam’s too old to be compatible with Vista; my digital recorders can’t directly plug into computers; I edit my videos using Windows Movie Maker; and I am taking my life into my hands every time I use the family camera on one of these jaunts.

I don’t complain about this stuff to my readers, mostly because it feels like whining – but there it is.  I use a kit that’s been slapped together through scrounging, spare gift certificates and some timely donations, and I think that everybody else on the Right trying to do activism has the same bloody problem.

[Further UPDATE]: And let’s not even discuss the loss that Neil is taking in hosting this site.

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