Did Tim Bishop (D, NY-01) REALLY skip out on the SEIU ‘reform rally?’ [UPDATED]

[UPDATE]: Congressman Bishop’s office informed me that while he had been invited to speak at Thursday’s rally, he did not accept the invitation, and thus was not scheduled to attend.

When I mentioned it a few days ago I assumed that last night’s out-of-district’s ‘rally’ would be just the usual staged event designed to make the Congressman look… well, less bad.  Only there’s now a report from a NY Gathering of Eagles group indicating that Bishop didn’t actually show up for that one, either.  Which is downright bizarre, if true: and I’ll be calling his office later to confirm it*.

In the meantime, mark your calendar if you’re in NY-01: Bishop has scheduled an in-district town hall for health care! On August 27th, which is about as late as you can get:

On Thursday, August 27 at 6:30pm, Congressman Tim Bishop will host a Town Hall meeting at Brookhaven Town Hall, located at 1 Independence Hill in Farmingville. The meeting is open to all members of the public. Constituents may ask the Congressman about any issue.

I’d note what important things Tim Bishop’s doing up until that point that would prevent him from having a town hall before two more weeks have passed, except that he hasn’t listed any.

Moe Lane

*This being no reflection on GoE’s reporting, of course: they could have been misinformed about Bishop’s presence.  We are talking about a Congressman who’s holding health care rationing rallies well outside of his nominal district, after all.

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  1. Moe,
    Tim Bishop also skipped out on a scheduled meeting at the Mastic/Shirley Library (which is in his district) the night before.

    The union people at yesterday’s event were handing out an announcement (I’m not sure we were supposed to get a copy!) that Tim Bishop will hold a Town Hall in Brookhaven (no address given) on Thursday, August 27 at 5pm.

    Dan Maloney
    NY State Coordinator
    Gathering of Eagles

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