I’m tempted to start all my posts with “Herewith, a brief primer…” now.

In the process of revisiting his ripping into Gerson/Wehner’s Commentary piece, RS McCain creates his ultimate editor’s rejection letter:

You thieving scoundrel:

We pay writers by the word. I’ve consulted our lawyers, who agree that your effort to get me to pay you for the sentence, “Herewith, a brief primer,” constitutes attempted petty larceny by the laws of this state and may also be prosecuted as a federal felony under the mail fraud statutes.

I’m cutting you a break this time, but if you ever again try to swindle me with a cheap scam like this, you’ll be buying yourself a one-way ticket to Leavenworth.

Please find another career for which you are suited, as journalism is clearly beyond your abilities.


The Editor

Having read it all the way through… yup, the Commentary piece was as dull as dishwater. Roughly half of it was telling us things that we already knew, and the rest needed to be hacked down about 60%. So herewith, my brief primer:

What every Republican candidate or politician needs to say, and keep saying, from now on:

  • Stop spending money that we don’t have.
  • Stop using the courts to steal wins you can’t get at the voting booth.
  • Stop pretending that you can make us all rich by making some of us poorer.
  • Stop ignoring foreign affairs.
  • Stop acting like you’re above us all.

And, finally:

  • Stop calling us ‘un-American’ and ‘traitors’ when we disagree with you.

It’s only six points, but you can add-on another six representing regional issues, if you like.

Moe Lane

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