Two Americas Watch: Antonio Villaraigosa (D).

(Via Deceiver) There’s the America where Los Angeles is in the middle of an ongoing drought, and is thus subject to strong water restrictions – which are being pushed by its mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa (D). Then there’s the America where the mayor of Los Angeles was – illegally – watering his own lawn while everybody else’s was dying. And how does he explain this discrepancy? Heavy sleeping.

No, really, that’s what Villaraigosa said.

“The sprinklers are so loud in your back yard, you can hear them from the street. How could you or your household staff not have heard them?” [NBC4’s Joel] Grover said.

“I sleep very heavily and I couldn’t hear it,” said Villaraigosa, who noted that overall water use at his home has decreased.

On the one hand, this doesn’t explain all the other government agencies in Los Angeles ignoring the water restrictions that they’re enforcing on the population; on the other hand, it doesn’t really explain this one, either. On the gripping hand, the actual answer – that this is what happens when you let one political party run things unopposed for too long – is probably not a welcome observation to too many people involved.

Still true, though.

Moe Lane

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11 thoughts on “Two Americas Watch: Antonio Villaraigosa (D).”

  1. Ah, another item in the narrative of a pol whose credibility and electability are still sinking faster then HMS Hood. I’m still wondering when he will change his name back to what it was before he married his first wife.

  2. I’ve noticed water overflowing on median strips several times in the last few weeks. Los Angeles government at it’s finest I guess.

  3. Democrats the party of “do as I say not as I do”. Good Lord why are the sheeple so stupid? I am sure he will be re-elected; because well the people are so stupid.

  4. Obviously, it’s Bush’s fault. Everything undesirable, unpleasant, financially costly or environmentally dangerous will be his fault as long as the Democrats are in power.

  5. Overall water use is down at Villaretardo’s house because his wife left him after he started sleeping with a reporter from Telemundo.

    And by the way his real name’s not Antonio Villaraigosa. It’s Tony Villar. He deliberately Hispanicized it to boost his political career.

    And plus he failed the bar 4 times.

  6. ok I do not want to be silly, but I will only believe there is really a drought in Los Angeles , when I turn on my faucet and no water comes out!…until then I truly believe that this is just another ruse by the dwp to raise rates as happened last time.

  7. I walk in Griffith Park once a week. Not only is the golf course a beautiful emerald green, but the sprinklers regularly water the dusty equestrian trail where I walk, causing a puddle of mud that you have to slodge through on your walk/jog! I wish there was some way we could impeach this man, because he is fairly useless and cares nothing for the people of Los Angeles. Who in this town keeps voting these people in? I know I don’t…

  8. Lawn sprinklers are on timers if they go off automatically. His failure was not heavy sleeping but failure to have the timers adjusted to comply with the law.
    This is no different than NYC Mayor Bloomberg allowing his fleet of cars to idle outside a venue for 30 minutes while he was inside just after he passed a law to fine anyone that idles their car for more than 3 minutes in NYC.
    How about good old Al Gore last winter that allowed an entire foatilla of Suburban SUVs to idle on the street while he preached about carbon footprints and the evil of fossil fuels to an adoring crowd…
    Two Americas indeed.

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