There’s dumb, and then there’s DUMB.

And if a further level of dumb is needed, there’s John Garamendi (D) levels of dumb.  In order of dumbness:

  • Dumb. Not doing elementary fact-checking before you send out a campaign flyer that mixes up your opponent with a guy from another state. As Jim Geraghty put it: “Same name, different guy.”
  • Dumber. Not being mature enough to apologize when your smear is caught and commented on.  Sneering at your opponent as being out of touch is not very smart when you can’t even get elementary details about his career right. Also via Jim Geraghty.
  • John Garamendi (D) Dumb. Giving sarcastic, mocking bloggers an opportunity to publish this truly unfortunate video again:

It seems that the Democrats are fairly determined to make a race of CA-10. Give David Harmer some help, will you? I promise that the link goes to the right guy…

Moe Lane

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