Oh, dear: Sharpton threatens to sue Limbaugh.

For defamation.

Rev. Al Sharpton threatens to sue Rush Limbaugh over Wall Street Journal op-ed

Say you’re sorry, Rush – or the the Rev. Al Sharpton is suing.

The civil rights activist, angered by a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece written by Rush Limbaugh, threatened a defamation lawsuit Saturday against the conversative talk radio host.

“Unless Mr. Limbaugh apologizes and clarifies his statements, attorneys for Rev. Sharpton will move forward with a lawsuit,” said a statement from Sharpton.

(H/T: AoSHQ) What a horrid thought.  I mean, I don’t see how that could possibly work out for Rush Limbaugh at all.  I mean, it’s not like Limbaugh’s both rich and motivated right now, that Sharpton’s spent decades building Limbaugh’s ‘truth’ defense for him, that the ‘public figure’ defense covers what parts the ‘truth’ defense doesn’t, that there aren’t hordes of lawyers who’d love to play discovery on Sharpton, or that there are not more than a few liberals/Democrats out there that would enjoy watching Sharpton get eviscerated in the courts (especially if they can legitimately claim that they had nothing to do with it).  No.  Nothing of the sort would apply, here.

So I hope that this doesn’t go any further.

Moe Lane

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