Right-wing rag unloads on Obama over Copenhagen flop.

They’re not happy:

He came, he saw, he disappointed.

As President Barack Obama arrived in Copenhagen on Friday morning for the last day of the U.N. climate summit, all eyes were upon him. Only Obama, the argument went, had the power and prestige to break the deadlock at this summit, widely regarded as humanity’s last good chance to preserve a livable climate. But hopes that the president would bring something new to Copenhagen, that the U.S. position would move closer to what science says is required to avoid catastrophic climate change, were dashed by the president’s surprisingly lackluster remarks.

Oh, did I say ‘right-wing rag?’ I meant to type out ‘Vanity Fair.’ Must have been one of those automatic writing episodes that Victorian/Edwardian occultists so loved.  Nonetheless, they’re still unhappy, unhappy, unhappy.  Not to mention fearmongering, but what can you expect of such notorious theocrats?

No, that last epithet wasn’t sarcasm.

Moe Lane

(H/T: Hot Air Headlines)

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