Friday snarkfest: Gutfeld, MSNBC & the NEA. #rsrh

[UPDATE] It’s Greg Gutfeld, sorry. Shout-out to Little Miss Attila for the correction; hit her tip jar, and all that.

I am almost going to miss MSNBC, once it goes away. Which I suspect that it will: ‘white guys screaming incoherently’ is less demographic gold than you’d think, unless you’re Greg Gutfeld and mocking it savagely.

Via The Other McCain. Seeing as I only watch MSNBC when somebody catches them doing something dumb – OK, I guess that that does mean that I watch MSNBC, then – anyway, I’ve never seen this Dylan Ratigan guy before, I think.  Presumably, I won’t have the opportunity for too much longer, either.  Unless they score a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts, of course.  Contra Reason (and via Instapundit), we’re always going to have the NEA around anyway, if only because the Left would whine so about cutting it; and at this point subsidizing MSNBC as performance art almost makes a crazy kind of sense…