Charlie Rangel (D, NY-15) is a Gnostic Cainite!

And he reveals this on Holy Thursday, too.

This is EXCITING! I needn’t remind any of you that the Cainites were fourth century Gnostics who honored both Cain (as the first human to rebel against the Demiurge*) and Judas Iscariot (as the agent who – with Christ’s permission – acted as the agent of Christ’s sacrifice, and was thus rewarded with secret esoteric knowledge**). This particular heresy was long thought to have died out with most other contemporary Gnostic sects; but it must have gone underground, and survived. And now Charlie Rangel, of all people (I assume that he’s a high-level initiate), has given their presence away with his claim that Judas Iscariot later became a saint! The things that we can learn!

Of course, there’s always the alternative: Charlie Rangel’s knowledge of Christianity approaches that of a battered parakeet’s.

Moe Lane

PS: It’s 2010, people: the GOP has been doing its recruiting. I gather that Rev. Michel Faulkner (Baptist minister, community leader, former NY Jet) is looking like he’ll be the eventual Republican candidate.

*As you know, the Demiurge was believed by Gnostics to be the true creator of the physical universe; as the Gnostics were of course mystics who hated the material world, that meant that they equate the Demiurge with both the Old Testament God and Satan. The early Church went to some trouble to, ah, dissuade that interpretation of Scripture…

**Which they just happened to have, in the ‘Gospel of Judas.’

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  1. Moe,
    Not on the subject, but…
    I’m sure you’ve seen a proposal for a 28th amendment floating around the web. Why isn’t that being acted upon? Can’t # of states force an amendment onto the ballot?

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