#rsrh Tea Parties and the Conquest of Paradise*.

(Via Michelle Malkin) Is this even English?

The anti-Bush shirt corresponded neatly with a charge offered by a metro employee who was standing in the crowd. “Where were these people when Bush was president, spending money left and right?” I noted that many of them had been critical of Bush in the protests recently. Does that exonerate them? “Nah, it’s just a double-standard. I mean, we’re a nation of immigrants and they come to this country, and the Indians are already here, and they have some nerve to talk about ‘rights.'”

It’s more like somebody took a handful of progressive tropes, tossed them into a blender, and hit ‘chop.’ Seriously.  You’re there, gamely following along with the ‘Bush was worse’ nonsense…

Yes, nonsense. Anyway, you’re following along with that, watching to see how he’s going to react to the observation that the people marching now were the people yelling about spending then – and in the process, walking away from the GOP, which is why the Democrats get to be such a disaster for the country right now – and all of a sudden, boom! It’s suddenly about how we’re all immigrants, and we took the land from the Native Americans, so shut up about rights.

No, really. Read the excerpt again. The frightening thing, of course, is this failure to reason is not enough to deny him gainful employment.

Moe Lane

*A book so stupid that I won’t flog it on Amazon.

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