‘Is the expert on police brutality wearing pants?’

I’m sorry. This is a nasty story about some casual police abuse in Seattle, Washington – one only caught because somebody had a camera – that took place back in April*.

To make things even more unpleasant, it looks likely that the guy with the camera may have gotten fired for filming it.  Unfortunately, given the jurisdiction it’s unlikely that the media won’t pick this up – I shall be blunter than Glenn Reynolds and state for the record that the national media won’t really push a story about an anti-Mexican police assault when it’s in a Democratic-controlled jurisdiction and has what appears to be at least one African-American police officer** looking on – so sensational headlines are all I have, sorry.

Besides, the expert isn’t wearing pants.

Moe Lane

*April 17th, which I shouldn’t have to note, but am required to, lest somebody try to blame the Arizona law on this.

**I think.  Hard to tell from the time of day, the lighting, and the footage.

PS: Full video here:

One thought on “‘Is the expert on police brutality wearing pants?’”

  1. As far as I’m concerned we’re getting the technology to the point where cops should be wearing cameras and mics. It would protect everyone. Especially if there isn’t good coverage of an arrest and interrogation, it should be seen as suspicious, so that the cops have incentive to ensure there isn’t a ‘malfunction’ at a key moment.

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