So, the bee people came…

…and the bees… apparently swarmed away in response.  Interesting facts:

  • Bees can slap together a hive fairly quickly.
  • There’s anywhere from 10K to 20K bees in a swarm.
  • That’s a lot of freaking bees.
  • And apparently bees are ninja: they can just… disperse, and you’ll never know where they went until they swarm again.
  • You can tell European bees from African bees from the lack of bodies associated with the former.
  • People who collect bees are very, very eager to collect more bees.
  • And, generally, people who collect bees are kind of nice.  Everybody I talked to about this was of cheerful temperament and civil demeanor.

That’s it.  I just wish I knew where the swarm went.

Moe Lane

PS: I got my wife to admit today “Yeah, Moe, that’s a swarm.”  She knows I’m phobic – big time – so she half-thought that five or six was my swarm.


One thought on “So, the bee people came…”

  1. Oh they genuinely get to you? Yeah I’m that way about spiders. That does explain why you didn’t get out the Flip for us and film it. 🙂

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