Lee Fisher (D CAND, OH-SEN) and sweet, sweet corporate lobbyist money.

Dirty, dirty lobbyist money, too – at least, if you’re a progressive – but that just adds that little sparkle to Lee’s eyes, I’m betting.  He’s got that look.

Lobbyists for drug, oil and hedge fund industries to mix, mingle with Lee Fisher and Sherrod Brown

Read the entire article, which first lists some of the Big Pharma, Big Oil, and hedge fund clients of these sweet, dirty corporate lobbyists that are raising sweet, dirty corporate money for Lee Fisher’s (D) sweet, dirty corporate-funded Senate campaign.  After that comes the passage that I really want people to see:

But that’s the problem with political rhetoric. When are these good lobbyists, and when are they bad? Does it matter to Democrats if they’re lobbying the Democratic side rather than the GOP? We won’t badmouth lobbyists in this blog post, but we’ll let Fisher do it. As he wrote in the Huffington Post in April: “And for years, Washington insiders like our Republican opponent here in Ohio, Congressman Rob Portman, have lined their pockets with contributions from Wall Street’s army of lobbyists while turning a blind eye to this looming financial disaster.”

Tomorrow might be a good time to tell that to a Managed Funds Association lobbyist.

Although admittedly the lobbyist will simply shrug it off. After all, he or she wasn’t stupid enough to believe that Lee Fisher (D) means all that anti-lobbyist nonsense in the first place; that’s just political pornography aimed at progressives and liberals who are either dumb enough to actually believe it, or else extraordinarily willing to deny objective reality in order to maintain their own interior narratives.  It certainly won’t stop Lee Fisher (D) from accepting checks; maybe it’s a payoff, maybe it’s just protection money, but either way it’s the way things are done in the Democratic party.

And, again, nobody important – or even relevant – in the Democratic party much cares.

Moe Lane

PS: Rob Portman for Senate.

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