Meet Michel Faulkner (R CAND, NY-15).

It’s pronounced ‘Michael:’ he’s running in Charlie Rangel’s seat, assuming of course that Charlie Rangel doesn’t get ousted in the primary itself.

I like our chances on this one. Rangel’s got a serious primary challenger, he’s got a very poor ethical reputation right now, and Faulkner’s the sort of candidate that you want to have on hand for a general election challenge when in a situation like this.

But you have to speculate to accumulate, as a wise man once said. Donation page for Rev. Faulkner here.  His main sites are here and here.

Moe Lane

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2 thoughts on “Meet Michel Faulkner (R CAND, NY-15).”

  1. Please ask Michael Faulkner to clarify his position on the construction of a mosque across from Ground Zero.

    I was at the SOIA rally last Sunday (June 6). As a result of Mr. Faulkner’s speech, the protest attendees chanted “leave the stage” because he seemed to endorse the construction of the mosque on the grounds of tolerance and freedom of religious practice.

    On the other hand, there was a candidate for Chuck Schumer’s seat — from the NY conservative party — who has not gotten any coverage at all.

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