#rsrh Bob Etheridge (D, NC-02) sorry he got caught.

That’s the charitable conclusion.

Made an interesting Kinsley gaffe there, too:

I have seen the video posted on several blogs,” says Etheridge. “I deeply and profoundly regret my reaction, and I apologize to all involved.

Bolding mine, and via Hot Air. Unless I’m mistaken, this video was shot on June 9th (there was a DCCC fundraiser that night involving Pelosi) – almost a week ago – and only now Etheridge is getting around to apologizing? Does he even remember what happened? You’d think that he’d remember assaulting someone: I don’t know what would be worse, him trying to hide it – or that he had, I don’t know, blacked out or something…

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  1. The last line is priceless: I’m still trying to find out who the students were.


    As if somehow this will all go away once the perpetrators are revealed to be operatives of the VRWC.

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