Giannoulias staffer sells cameraman. Excuse me, ‘seizes.’

The title will make sense in a minute.

[UPDATE] More from Politico and Big Government.  And if you’re ever on the other end of this, the NRSC wants you to remember: don’t be like Alexi Giannoulias’ staffers.  No touchies.

Alexi Giannoulias (D CAND, IL-SEN) needs to hire a better class of goon.

Not so much for the specific details here – interesting how quickly the Left goes vigilante over cameramen, isn’t it? You’d think that the first thing that they’d do would be to call in security; but nope, give a Democratic campaign guy five-to-one odds in his favor and suddenly he’s a tough guy – but because right now the last thing Giannoulias needs is for any excuse for people like me to mention Giannoulias’ latest lie about his family’s mob bank:

The spokesman said Giannoulias, who also sought an extension for his personal income taxes, wants to have a “more accurate picture of his personal finances, which have changed considerably since the sale of Broadway Bank.”

Via Marathon Pundit. I need hardly remind anybody that the man’s bank was in fact seized, first?  Well, besides Alexi Giannoulias, of course. On the other hand, both ‘sold’ and ‘seized’ start with ‘s’ and end with ‘d’ – so perhaps the poor man is just a bit concerned.

Excuse me: ‘confused.’  Both words start with ‘c’ and end with ‘d,’ after all.

Moe Lane

PS: Mark Kirk for Senate. Like the Democrats wouldn’t trade candidates in a heartbeat, if we offered.

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