#rsrh This Dana Milbank article…

…almost vexed me, what with the casual racism, even more casual anti-Southern bigotry, generally condescending attitude and deep ignorance of elementary economics found within; but then I realized what Milbank’s true message was (H/T: Hot Air Headlines).

A black man will be in federal office next year.  A BLACK MAN THAT I, DANA MILBANK, WILL HAVE NO POWER OVER.  As a liberal Democratic pundit, this alarms me.

Once I realized that, my vexation vanished.  Yup, Milbank.  Look at the scary Republican.  The scary Republican who you can’t control…

Moe Lane

PS: Tim Scott does have a general election race to win, mind you.  Same for Allen West.

3 thoughts on “#rsrh This Dana Milbank article…”

  1. Great post! Tim Scott’s as good as in, I promise you. I live in SC-01 and his Democratic opponent is something of a nutter and known as such down here. He’s run for this same office something like 17 times (or 17 years?) and doesn’t even live here. He has a house and businesses in Maryland. Moreover, a Republican has held this seat since 1981. So I think Dana’s alarm is well-founded!

  2. I am really interested in knowing what she will say if Robert Byrd moves on.

    Also I am PROUD of Jim DeMint’s Waterloo comment. Pretty excited actually.

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