CNA goon assaults cameramen at anti-Whitman rally.

They don’t really… learn fast… over on the Other Side, do they?

Do you know me?

I’m a member of the California Nurses’ Association. Which is to say, a Brown supporter.

I’m a member of the National Nurses Organizing Committee, too.

And I like to hit people. But it’s OK: I only like to hit Meg Whitman supporters. You see, she’s a woman and a Republican, so she and they aren’t really human beings to me.

H/T: Instapundit.

Moe Lane

PS: Notice, folks: two cameras. If it had been one camera Mr. Tough Guy might have tried to take it away. Two cameras makes even a Lefty would be bully-boy like this thoughtful…

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11 thoughts on “CNA goon assaults cameramen at anti-Whitman rally.”

  1. Why should we expect them to learn — they suffer no repercussions for even open violence. I read a story a few weeks back that said after a union used star nails and pipe bombs during a strike, the DOJ got a court order against them. The order required the union to place bulletins saying star nails and pipe bombs are not approved.

    We should demand criminal sanctions for criminal acts. Certainly in this case the thugs would get away with a minor fine, or even a warning. But just the involvement of the police and courts would make the same actions less likely next time.

  2. My Dad was a union buster at his company when they tried to take over the administrative part. I never thought much about it until I crossed the picket line and was spat upon. Changed my whole attitude. Maybe my fat dumb countrymen(women) need to cross a line and get that distinct slap in the face. Might wake them up! Just thugs.

  3. What do unions have to do with the town hall meetings last year? Answer, the goons who showed up on the DOORSTEP AT MIDNIGHT of those who oppose Dem congressman. Police will look the other way knowing that Eric Holder will drop the case against unions. Start listening at 1:30 in this youtube clip and see what unions are capable of

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