#rsrh Update on Houston domestic terrorism case.

It is thankfully starting to look like it was not politically motivated after all:

[The ATF]  considers [Clair] Wolf a person of interest in a case in which Wolf’s sister received a bomb disguised as a box of candy. She was injured when she opened the gift-wrapped package on July 9 and it exploded, shooting nails and tacks into her face and hands.

Investigators think the bombing involved a dispute over the cleanup of property the siblings got from their parents.

I’d snark about that, except of course that somebody went to the hospital.  Besides, I’m too relieved that we’re not seeing the start of an organized bombing campaign against oil executives after all.  Not least because I’m still not confident in the government’s willingness to investigate such a thing [“They investigated it this time, didn’t they, Moe?” “Hush.  Besides, it was the ATF, not the FBI.” “Lame answer.” “Again, hush.”*]

Moe Lane

*Yes, I know: very Mickey Kaus of me.

One thought on “#rsrh Update on Houston domestic terrorism case.”

  1. I was always kind of a skeptic on this one, since there are probably 50,000 people in Houston who could credibly be called “oil company executives”.

    Anything that happens in an upscale Houston neighborhood either happens to an oil company executive, or to his neighbor.

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