To the #DGA : now THIS is a campaign ad.

Seeing as the one that the Democratic Governors Association came up with recently was simultaneously: foul-mouthed; pathetically lame; and very possibly in violation of American copyright law… I’d thought that I’d take pity on the poor, doomed fellows and let them take a look at what a good campaign ad looks like.  From the RGA, a reminder that there’s an election in 14 weeks:

14 Weeks from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

And I invite the DGA to try to beat that. Mostly because it’s remarkably funny to watch them flail around trying to look like actual winners.

Moe Lane

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7 thoughts on “To the #DGA : now THIS is a campaign ad.”

  1. Apparently there *are* people in the Republican establishment who know how to put together a solid message. Hopefully this gets people’s attention. Those sound bites are devastating – even more so because even if someone does their homework, they mean exactly what they sound like. Only ignorance or malice can oppose the facts of what the filth in Washington have been up to – the truth bears up to scrutiny. God help us all. Oyster out.

  2. This just reinforces the feeling I’ve had that the RGA is the genuinely competent outfit, with the NRCC and NRSC way behind.

    And don’t even get me started on the NRC under Steele.

  3. Slick and Smooth like Newt Ginggrich’s hair.

    I am sold, sweeties- that rules.

    Must ask though where is the Governor who inspires Country Class Americans to have the courage to run for political office; especially when running for office means having to also fight the multitude of DC Marxist Lawyers who will be crawling up every uterus and cranny to maintain power.

  4. The DGA video falls (at least, it should) squarely under fair use.


    Also, on a more practical level, the likelihood of any Hollywood studio going after Democratic politicians for anything but the most egregious of copyright violations is pretty much slim and none.

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