Democrats Acting Badly Watch: IL-17 AND IL-18!

This cropped up at one of Phil Hare’s events. Some background (you can see the raw video here): Phil Hare was doing his best to ignore his constituents’ rather pointed questions about Hare’s lack of awareness when it came to Constitutional law; eventually Hare fled to an area where said constituents could not follow; they turned to leave; and then a Democrat called one of them a seven letter obscenity.

And that’s when the fun started.

Turns out that the guy is apparently Charles Giger, the husband and the chief of staff of DK Hirner, who has been tapped to lose the IL-18 Congressional election to Aaron Schock. Which leads to an interesting question: did Giger try to hide his wife’s campaign button to protect her, or to protect Phil Hare? – Because Hirner’s not only far too progressive for IL-18 (R+6); these days she’d be iffy for IL-17 (D+3). The last thing that the Hare campaign needs right now is any sort of association with left-wing extremists.

After all, isn’t Nancy Pelosi enough?

Moe Lane

PS: Bobby Schilling’s campaign manager probably doesn’t hide his campaign buttons from the cameras. Jsut saying, that’s all.

PPS: A bit of an in-joke, but funny:

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