Koran burning called off.



Terry Jones, the controversial pastor, said on Saturday that neither he nor his church would follow through on plans to burn copies of the Koran. In an appearance on NBC’s “Today” show, Mr. Jones said repeatedly and emphatically that the event, originally scheduled to coincide with the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, was canceled and would not take place at any time.

“We feel that God is telling us to stop,” he said.

Well… God, or at least the man’s PR guy.

Anyway: to reference Allahpundit, the gleeful mocking of the “dopey navel-gazing media reflections on how gullible they’ve all been” may now begin.  Of course, this also means that we’ll probably never get an explanation on why there’s a vital difference between ‘can’ and ‘should’ when it comes to burning a Koran, but not one when it comes to building a mosque in an area that the majority of Americans don’t want it built.  Then again, I don’t think that those folks defending the latter but not the former ever really had one in the first place, the perfect hypocrites (said he, genially).

Moe Lane

PS: It’s kind of wrong of me to be enjoying watching the press be stretched past the breaking point like this, isn’t it?

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