Doug Hoffman withdraws from NY-23.

Via AoSHQ: state law requires that he’ll still be on the ballot, but he’s calling on his supporters to throw theirs behind Matt Doheny.  This must have been a hard decision for Doug Hoffman; but as he himself noted, the important thing here is to not split the Republican vote against the Democratic squatter currently in it.  It is my humble suggestion that we take the time to thank Doug Hoffman for ending a potential split in this race.  It is also my humble suggestion that we start asking incumbent Bill Owens a question that should have started being asked a month ago: What bribe did Nancy Pelosi give you to get you to break your word on opposing Obamacare, Congressman?

Or was it a threat that Pelosi used to break him?  Although there’s not much choice between greed or cowardice when contemplating the motivations of an oathbreaker: Owen’s word is worthless either way, and he’s just as contemptible, too.

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